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You'll want to take a look at our AU page. Don't forget to top up your subscription with one of our discounted PlayStation Plus deals too. So keep this page bookmarked to stay informed of the latest PS4 Pro bundles. While you can shop current offers below, it's never too early to start thinking about the upcoming sale event, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Looking to upgrade your system to a PS4 Pro? Or simply want to give the console a try with an irresistible discount and all your favourite games bundled in? We've put together a guide on how to find the best Black Friday deals so that you can find all the top sales in one place. Some stores have even jacked up the price beyond the MSRP. This long after release, we're not cool with that and you shouldn't be either.

We've dug out the best options for the 4K console on its own too.

So if you're just after an upgrade from your older PS4, this is a handy offer. Bespoke bundle prices are terrible this week too. View Deal. Secret Neighbor Rated 2. World War Z Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Xbox accessory deals. Talk to an expert. We're here to help Chat with someone before you buy Find info about your order Get technical or download support.

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Xbox Outlook Show more. Back Close. We've already spoken about multiple PS5 models, and we have heard some hints that a 5G-capable PlayStation Portable could be on the cards too. Sony definitely made mention of mobile devices in a recent user survey on the future of PlayStation, so it's likely that we can look forward to more than one device appearing.

Top-tier PS5 games are sure to play a huge part in the launch of the PlayStation 5, whenever it happens to be, and there has been talk that PS5 development kits have been in the hands of some game studios for a while see Sony's own Bend Studio advertising a job calling for next-gen game console experience.

As we get into , it now seems clear that all the Sony first-party games studios are now fully focused on the PS5, which means a launch can't be too far away now.

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On top of some brand new titles, it sounds like some existing games will get PlayStation 5 updates as well. Based on a slip of the tongue from a Horizon Zero Dawn voice actor, it sounds as though a sequel to that PS4 smash hit is on the way. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 could well be one of the tentpole titles that launches alongside the PlayStation 5. A God of War sequel might well show up too.

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That's based on a patent filed by Sony, and means you won't have to throw out all your PS4 discs when your shiny new console turns up. In fact, more recent rumours suggest you'll be able to play any existing PlayStation game for any of the PS consoles — that's a huge back catalogue. Sony itself has confirmed that PS4 gamers will be able to play against PS5 gamers too, so you can stay friends with players who haven't yet upgraded. Let's not forget game streaming and online play either either. All the indications are that PlayStation Now will get an upgrade with the PS5, and that streaming games over-the-web is likely to at least be a part of the PlayStation 5 experience, no matter which model of the console you end up going for.

We're also hearing that there might be a feature called PlayStation Assist , which uses artificial intelligence to guide you out of tight spots whenever you get stuck. That should make gaming less frustrating for some of us, at least. Polish game publisher CD Projekt Red has already said it's working on games with an eye on the next generation of consoles, which makes us think that Cyberpunk or something like it might be one of the first titles to hit the PS5, which is why we included it in our list PS5 games we're looking forward to play.

Whatever games we see, they're likely to break new ground in terms of realism and detail, thanks to the extra power of the PS5 and advances in software design.

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Those in the know say we're not far off having games that look as good as the best Hollywood blockbusters, and that get rendered in real time. There's good news for cross-platform compatibility too: Sony exec Shawn Layden has said that we're heading into a post-console world, where devices from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are more tightly integrated than ever before. There are plenty of other rumours swirling about the Sony PlayStation 5.

We've touched on virtual reality already, and it's highly probable that Sony is working on version 2 of its PlayStation VR headset — this time though, all the necessary hardware should be built into the PS5, so you won't need an extra box between headset and console. There's talk that the PlayStation Now streaming service is in line for an update at the same time as the PlayStation 5 arrives, but as yet we're not sure everyone has the broadband capacity to stream 4K games into their living rooms.

Based on comments made by a former PlayStation boss , we're going to see physical discs remain part of the console experience for the next generation of hardware. According to the CEO of Ubisoft, we're going to see one more generation of traditional consoles before everything switches to the cloud. That doesn't mean Sony won't dabble in it though — it's partnered with an unlikely ally in Microsoft to work on next-generation streaming services.

Expect a 'Netflix-for-games' platform to be among your options when the PS5 comes out. However, considering that Sony is currently exploring and developing blockchain technology , a technology that has gaming applications, the PS5 could also usher in a new age of second hand digital game sales and trades. Live stream Wales vs South Africa from wherever you are. Legendary mountain bike trials rider reveals his pick of the best gear to use when riding. All the games you need for one monthly fee — here's how to make the most of Apple Arcade.

These are the best Xbox One games to play today. Fill your collection with great Xbox games. These are the best PS4 games available today, from Sony's awesome exclusives to third-party must plays. There's still no word on when exactly it will hit the shelves, though. There's no word on when you'll actually receive the order, though.

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